Welcome to Seabuzz Group, we are a bunch of eccentric oldies ranging from 18 years of age to age is not the limit. We are a few years old though as a group but not by age; yes definitely by experience. What was conceived as an idea on a lazy evening when 3 girls were loitering around the Sea side of Dadar Chowpatty is when the concept of a Facebook Community took its birth. Maybe it was something about the sounds of the playful waves of the Sea and probably the buzzing happening in the head. It was flirting between the Sea and the Buzz which eventually led into the formation of Seabuzz.

An attempt made by 3, to get people closer, form a bonding, promote business, uplift others, cross promote every individuals talents has eventually grown into a strong community of 55000 people across the city in a very short span of 3 years.

We are so happy to make a difference to the society. Our contests and events like Mr. and Mrs. Dadar, Dadar Carnival, Seabuzz Master Bakers, Virtual Food Fest, Seabuzz Cricket League, Wine Tasting Fest to name a few. We have grown from a group of a hardly any to a lot. We do take pride in not just entertaining people with exciting events but also introducing people to new opportunities. A lot of Home Chefs, SME’s to huge conglomerates have associated with us. Today we are happy to have not just developed as a community but as a distributor channel. We are the bridge to fill the gap between buyers and sellers, we serve as a platform to explore new talents, we are here to help for a cause, and we are here to make a difference. We are SEABUZZ!!!



Our motto is to maximise the reach through inclusive community growth in socially meaningful events. Towards this endeavour, we do not remain restricted to our own Seabuzz initiated events but also provide our support and actively participate in events organised by other enthusiasts looking out for a larger outreach. Some such welfare and growth events supported by Seabuzz are as below.

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SSR stands for Seabuzz Social Responsibility
Seabuzz believes in the purpose of undertaking social responsibility and we are happy that we could help by being a part of a few changes in the society.


Today we are 55000 force of Strong Individuals and our Vision is to at least cross 1 L mark in the coming year and keep growing


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We at Seabuzz believe in a simple philosophy that every week day has to be a FUN DAY filled with learning, gaining knowledge, acquiring new skills and upgrading the existing ones. Each day of the week – Monday to Friday - is thus earmarked for varied likings of people, may it be health, lifestyle, fashion, social etiquettes, wealth. Our panel of experts bring to you a tantalizing experience in these specialised fields and guide you through their talks and tips on Do’s and Don’ts! Meet our experts on the days earmarked for FUNDAYs.