Group Rules from the admins.

Be kind and courteous

We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. Anyone harrassing admin/moderator will be muted.

No hate speech or bullying

Make sure that everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, gender or identity will not be tolerated

Only Monday & Thursday - Free Promotions

Mondays & Thursdays are only days for Free Business Promotions. Only 1 post per brand per day allowed on these two days. Also, kindly refrain from sharing commercial/brand/ company post on other days.

Use your Discretion in any kind of Transactions

Seabuzz provides opportunities for sellers, job providers, service providers etc. We have no direct affiliation with them. So, please use your smart discretion while getting in any kind of transaction

No Sharing From Other Groups or Pages

Kindly refrain from sharing posts from other pages and groups. Only post with content added on Seabuzz will be approved. Exception only for content posts which are non-promotional in nature.

Posts against Facebook guidelines will be removed

Facebook Community Guidelines doesn’t allow posts related to pandemic – selling of products like sanitizers, etc, sale of restricted goods including medicines, pets, etc. These won’t be approved.

Live, Events, Polls, Get together - ONLY by Admin

Please refrain from sharing/going LIVE without Admins’ approval. Creating events, polls, get together, etc is only restricted to group admins. Do not use Seabuzz logo/name without admins’ approval.

No Spamming by too many posts or comments!

Give more to this group than you take. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren’t allowed. Respond to post with only relevant comments and no cross-promotions allowed.

No Religious or Political Posts

Please refrain from adding posts that hurt any religion, race, or spiritual practice, on this group. Also no posts supporting or promoting any political angle.

No Databasing or Links Allowed

Kindly refrain from sharing links to your personal pages, websites, groups, or collecting member information via links, surveys etc. Offline/online event/revenue generating posts need special approval

FAQs for seabuzz loyalty card

What is Seabuzz Loyalty Card?

A relationship between the Sellers and Buyers of Seabuzz by giving brand exposure to the sellers and availing offers for buyers

How can I enroll for the seabuzz loyalty card

Call saloni – 7710048877
Pay 1000 annual maintenance fee
Attach offer for buyer (as per your choice min 5 to 1 percent requirement)
Voila you are registered

What benefits will I get as a seller
  • Brand exposure
  • Sundays post approvals added exclusively for loyalty card members
  • Reach to 80K and on the official seabuzz website

Also available for brand promotional events but with additional charges

What benefits will I get as a buyer

1000s of brands to choose from with their individual exciting offers attached which you as a registered buyer get to avail

Is it mandatory to attach some kind of offer on the products/ services

Yes you have to attach some offer acc to our choice

Who to contact regarding the loyalty card

Saloni Limaye 7710048877

Is 1000 rs annual maintenance fee negotiable?

No it has to be paid by all sellers who wish to register their brand with seabuzz

Can I change my offer once I have registered/

No offer once made stays binding for a year from registration

What are my options if I am a single seller with various brands

Then you can register all your brands separately and not under one head

General FAQs

Why is my post not approved?

Please refer to rules and regulations posted on group

Can I post other group links/website links on seabuzz?

This is against the rules hence it wont be approved.

If brand owner has to do seabuzz live is it chargeable and how much?

Kindly refer to the chargesheet for additional promotions.

What are the free posting days?

Mondays and Thursdays only.
Sundays only if registered for seabuzz loyalty card

If we have to be seen frequently or regularly on seabuzz how to enroll ?

Kindly enroll for seabuzz business exchange program which is 365 days visibility and monthly reviews by admin of business group

If we want to give gifts or freebies to all your events then how to register?

Thank you for your interest in provision of freebies and gifts however that’s straight brand promotion hence it will be charged separately

I never get any likes or comments on my post

You have to be contributor in the community. When you yourself like and comment on other peoples post you too get reciprocated with the same love*