Our member business owners and entrepreneurs may have a solid product or service on offer. But that itself may not be enough. An innovative, refreshing and exciting marketing and extended outreach helps in attracting customers and business growth. At Seabuzz Business Exchange we provide that unique opportunity to our enrolled members and hold continuous programmes and dialogues to share business, marketing and servicing ideas. We often also bring in experts from varied fields who guide the enrolled members to bring new elements to their business spectrum. The renewed vigour facilitates yielding fruitful results for both – the Buyers and the Sellers.


Millions of people go to bed hungry. On the other hand, we also see a huge wastage of food in our households, social gatherings, etc. Are these less unfortunate ones, who suffer hunger due to their circumstantial upbringing, not entitled for at least one wholesome hearty meal in a day? With this noble thought we started Seabuzz Annadaan initiative as a community welfare food supply programme for the underprivileged people in nearby locality as we believe Annadaan is one of the greatest virtues. While it started off with many home chefs contributing towards the distribution of food to street dwellers once a week, slowly and steadily other business owners and trusts also got associated with the programme that helped reach us to our goal of providing at least one full meal in a day to these poor and needy. We are glad to see a marked growth in good Samaritans coming forward to joining us in the Seabuzz Annadaan initiative. Do join us if you too Care to Share!


Seabuzz recruitment is a strong arm of Seabuzz which helps in introducing opportunities to Job seekers and Recruiters. Seabuzz recruitment acts as a bridge between the two facilitating employment opportunities for a lot of people.


Have you ever thought if you can avail great deals of discounts, at a nominal cost, on your favourite brands, be it Salons, Fashions, Cafes, Gyms, etc.? Seabuzz Loyalty Card program does just that for you! We have partnered with many business owners who will provide discount to Seabuzz Loyalty Card customers. The programme will not only enable members of Seabuzz to avail such discounts but will also help respective business owners to enhance its customer base and revenues. Join us now and reap the benefits of the Seabuzz Loyalty Card program.